No one around to guide me
I dragged myself through the mud
I thought I was doing right
But I was all alone on that night.

Busy dancing to the sound
Covered by the dark cloud
Running away from the Lord
Believing that I was in the right.

I forced myself to stay
And my friend’s facilitation
Made me a little stronger
To stay much longer.

Even though I saw a big storm coming
I kept on drinking
That was my fall from a high tide
Going through life in one stride
I lost my pride.

I wasted my time running after joy
And now I’m trapped in a black forest
Where all I see is anguish and pain
Being swept away in the rain.

Like a bird without feathers
Ready to meet my forefathers
My life is already dead
That night took away my virginity.

I am no longer an innocent girl
But a woman with an unborn child
The father is nowhere to be found.

My friends see me as an amusing thing
All I felt was suffering and shame
I destroyed my name
And there’s no one I could blame
Because I WAS ALONE.