I wanted to be mad at you
When I saw you
With him so lovey-dovey at the park
But I couldn’t.

What I saw was perfect
If I say it wasn’t, I’d be jealous
In his arms, you were relaxed
Your laughter was fuelled with joy

When you are with me,
That I’ve never seen
That happiness, to you I’ve never brought

I wanted to be mad at you
For cheating and lying to me
But realized it would be for nothing.

What I saw made me think again
Your attention was all sold to him
You couldn’t take your eyes off him
When he kissed you,
You were loosened to his charm
Even from afar,
I could see it was magic.

I won’t lie
that I’m not hurt that you lied,
But I will be mad at myself
If I force to keep you,
When I know
I can’t make you that happy.

I understand I lost you
To his charms
Charms, I know I don’t have

I won’t prevent you to leave
Nor force you to leave

With him you are joyful
Something I’ve never seen
in you for some time.

I won’t be mad at you
For lying and cheating on me
Your happiness is my love
If it means he’s won,
Then, that it must be.