But down I am pulled
But some voices, forces, and some people
Despise and degrade me
Telling me that I am a woman
I am a nobody, I am weak
Me, weak? They forget one thing,
That I am a man with a womb
Who bears childbirth
Those voices remind me of my past failures
Yet there is this one voice
Like fainting within me that reminds me that
I am a strong creation, I am a new creature

I get confused
I sit, I stare, I groan…
I hurt, I am in agony and despair
I close my eyes
Like a woman in childbirth

I am not supposed to be…
I am supposed not to rise
That’s their philosophy
I hurt, I hate, in agony and pain
I close my eyes
Like in childbirth, I endure all
I am weak, yet I am strong
I push hard, but upwards now
For God who dwells above all
Where corruption in no more
I am rising, I am rising
A man with a womb
I surely I will rise
For I see the cross
I see the blood
I see hope
I see salvation
For the cross made me worthy
And a somebody
The cross made me a somebody
For I am strong and not weak