If only I knew it would take flirtation to spark a feeling
I would have long been in a relationship
I used to desire to be loved by a woman
How it felt again to be touched by one
A man I became, with many emotions
Realising how empty I am without a woman in my life
Maybe a woman’s love would complete the man in me
The man I want to be, the man I desire to see.

I had a few relationships in my lifetime and each one was different
I came across women who wanted different things in a relationship
Some were beyond my expectations or so I thought
I always was under the impression that I knew myself
That I knew exactly what I wanted out of love
But I guess I was wrong
How many chances of love came my way?
I turned them down because of the imperfections that were within me
Not wanting to see the possibilities of falling in love

Here I am in this night hour with tears in my eyes
Tears of happiness
I found love again
Although I don’t yet have the certainty of the woman I love
But all the needed signs of assuring me are noticeable

A beauty queen that I always pictured in my dreams
And created in my thoughts
The smile that makes my heart melt
A look that describes her innocence and her personality
That glows beyond her image
A woman that is my desire
A queen that I admire

She is bigger than my imagination
The woman behind my love situation
I love this woman
And there is nothing I can do to stop it
She became my everything

It looks wrong but it feels so right
I think it’s time that I confess to this woman what I’m feeling
Because my life is totally miserable without her.

I’m forced to think I am grown up
But here I behave like a school boy who has a crush on a gal
And I don’t have the heart to just confess!
The more I fight it the more I’m failing
And the more my feelings grow stronger.
I am done fighting I am giving up,
But how does a person move on
When your heart doesn’t?