I want to impress you
Not to impress you with priceless things
But to impress you with precious things
Like my school work, my poetry
and my love for you
And I think I’ve just scored
another point on you
Because right as you are reading
this, you are impressed

I wish to be smart, so that
One day we could have a Group Study
This is for our future
Since you are in my goals
I wish you and I could become US
Remove you and me
Just to be known as us

I want to do what is Right, not what is easy
To impress you in a right way
To love you in a right way
Because I love for the right reasons
Not for your body or your beauty
My love for you is real

For me without you
Is like Tyler Perry’s movie
without a message
Out of all the goals I have, only one goal
I have Faith, Believe and Know
That one day I will accomplish
Is getting to make you mine, Mine alone
I am not planning to share you
I have to be stingy about you
because you are scarce

You see
There are two types of people in this world
Those who are amazed and those who are amazing
Right now you are amazed, and
I don’t want that to stay like that
I want us to be amazing
If only you would give us a chance
We could impress them