I loved you but you didn’t see my love,
I respected you, gave you all,
Gave you what I never thought I had,
I was there when you cried, needed me,
Needed a shoulder I was there.
Stormy days, I was there,
Dark days, I was there,
Joyous days, I was there,
Poor days, I was there,
Rich days, I’m rubbish to you,
You can’t even look at my face,
I got the message, I just want to be free.
First I will let you go, stop thinking of you,
I want to be free,
Want to start afresh,
Be who I used to be before you came.
I loved you, you used me,
Maybe me and richness we are enemies,
I lost the love of my life because of you,
I want to be free of this burden.
I want to think of me,
“Senkgana se nthola morwalo”.
“Us” is over, it’s me now,
Thanks for the lesson.
I want to be free.