I only gave her all the artisan love I have…
Handpicked from the infinite parameters of
my heart’s field. And it was never enough… I
was willing to set pedestals in celestial planes…
There, right there… Where angels touch our
bodies each time we kissed. I was willing to
make her a cosmic family of little gods and
goddesses… Build her a house on star dust.
Out of the hardest of asteroids. And put Orion’s
belt as a fence around it. I was willing to wait for
times edge to cut my umbilical cord, so that I
could baby step closer to her heart. I had even
forgotten what space means when I started
thinking about her. It never mattered that I was
a long distance away…
To me it was a pinned-to-my-soul relationship…
So I could ask, why is your
soul touching mine? I was ready to have the
insanity of love drive me to the point where I
chop my skull in half just to keep my mind
open. For her… Yes, for her… Staying in that
relationship and all the sacrifices I made were
for her. But I guess they fell on springless
death beds and hit hard on reality’s concrete
smile. Stale mate. Bye mate…
I used to love her… Damn. I know some
might be getting tired of this, but let me…
It’s my way of moving forward.