I tried to call yesterday
But it went straight to voicemail,
I wanted to let you know that I
miss you so much, and I love you,
that I can’t skip a day
without thinking of you.

I tried to call you yesterday
but it went straight to a lady
saying “you have reached voicemail, to leave a message press 1”.

That’s when I decided to
check on you on Facebook.
Sadly, you were offline.
Hopefully when you login
you will see that I tried reaching you,
that I tried calling,
and that I tried texting.
I needed to speak to no one but you,
I really missed you,
so I thought it was best to WhatsApp you,
even when I knew you wouldn’t respond.
At least I wanted you to see that I tried reaching you,
that I care so much about you
and I love you.
The reason why I was checking up on you
was because I missed your voice,
I missed your laughter.
I missed your presence as it changes my mood,
makes me feel so good,
like I’m the king to my hood.
I tried reaching you,
I tried calling but it went straight to voicemail and that broke me apart.