I don’t want to forget about you.
You’re everything to me and you still are.

You’re the shyest boy I’ve ever seen.
When I looked at your eyes they would tell me
How much you loved me.
When our eyes connected it was like
They we’re speaking another language
That no one would ever know.

I loved everything about you.
From your body to your soul.
It’s been 30 years, you have died.
But I can’t move on.
There were those who tried their luck with me
But they never succeeded.

I still remember back in Grade 11 on 29th of November.
I still remember like it happened yesterday.
You’re stabbed to death by a stranger.
Before you closed your eyes forever.
You called out my name and said Siyamthanda I love you
and I shouted back and said I love you too.

You’re so innocent with big dreams.
It is true life is unfair.
What you have to know is that
That stranger who stabbed you to death
Is paying for all he has done.
Now I’m a lawyer, when you died
I decided to study law to get justice for you.
He is still paying up until this day.
He is now old in his 80s, he will die in jail.

I know we have to forgive those who hurt us but I can’t.
God forgives but I don’t.

My mother once said I can’t live like this.
I don’t blame mom, she doesn’t know that we’re a match made in heaven