I sometimes feel lonesome
I sometimes feel despondent
You see it is causing mental pain
I sometimes feel like I should weep,
But how can I, the world says men should not cry.

I wouldn’t really point to how I feel
Have you ever felt sad and lonely at the same time?
But you can’t tell exactly how you feel because
Of those miscellaneous strong mental feelings
But deep down you feel hurt but why?
You’re not sure, have you ever felt dejected

Out of the blue no one did anything to you
Same applies to you, but it just turns out
You feel sad, you feel like snivelling but
You do not know what to whimper for.

Is it maybe the loneliness am I feeling?
I do not know, it is not the first time I’ve felt like this
With mixed emotions at the same time but
What I can assure you is that in those sundry emotions
Ecstasy is not there

Disappointment isn’t there either,
Do I feel betrayed? No! But I can’t point to
Why I’m feeling this lonely and downhearted
At the very same moment I do not think the cause
Would be that I miss someone or maybe am I wrong?
You see I am baffled I seem to not find what is causing it
Maybe a psychologist might know why or perhaps
Once I cry all the pain, the sadness I seem to feel might fade away.