He said…
I send my love to you
With roses and gifts
To stir your heart a while
Creating a place for my visit

She replied…
Not in my world
Love is not bought with flowers and gifts
Love is won with true compassion of the heart
For that’s where true love lies.

In decline…
I decline your love coated in symbols
For gifts are no longer sincere but a tradition.
I appreciate love from deep emotions
Though mistaken for infatuation, mostly it survives.

He begged…
Let my heart reveal its deep secrets
Let my eyes confirm its intentions
And my face, let it not contradict its feeling
As my mouth talks only what is from my heart

Look up in my face if I am feigning
Look into my eyes if I am lying
Feel my heart’s rhythm if it’s trying
Hear my words, from my trembling lips

He continued…
Roses and gifts are my love inspiration
That have inspired from my heart
To give to whom it truly loves
And look up, for the warm embrace.

Lost in words she said…
My joys within me have sparkled,
This electric in my body now grows
So my heart is shocked, even more,
Yet, I cannot say yes, or no.