I remember when Sundays were the best days of the week because you couldn’t wait for Monday.
I remember the excitement of wearing new shoes and the smell of freshly polished new leather.
I remember butterflies on the first day of high school, the intimidating high walls around the playground and suddenly thinking of primary school and how I thought I had it mastered.
I remember the irritation of being asked out by boys in higher grades.
I remember how Mama used to say that if a boy asked you out you should run away from him or else all your teeth would fall out if you talked to him.
I remember my first crush and how afraid I was of going home, as if the guilt of talking to a boy was written on my forehead for Mama to see.
I remember my heart beating so fast when a boy spoke to me, it was pleasant and frightening at the same time.
I remember the chills under my armpits as I suddenly froze from the heat of my beating heart – how could I tell him not to speak to me without fear of my teeth falling out?