I remember my first day of school, my first smell of the classroom.
I remember mumbling the words on the word chart in grade 1 as I couldn’t read.
I remember my first teacher, she was sweet and smelt like a flower.
I remember the first time I fell at school and how she looked after me.
I remember the group names each group had in class: Batman, Superman, Mickey Mouse, Beyblades.
I remember the long breaks in primary where we played yugioh for the whole 30 minutes.
I remember my first valentine in grade 3 and how I ran away as I was afraid of her.
I remember Mrs Khan throwing a chalkboard duster at us for making a noise in class.
I remember my first detention.
I remember the first time I performed at school.
I remember the song I danced to.
I remember how everyone knew the lyrics to Sister Bettina
I remember how we used to run and make a noise as friends.
I remember playing soccer with a bottle because balls were not allowed at school.
I remember going to the principal’s office for making a noise.
I remember my first years of primary school at Clayton.