I remember my dad
I remember it was a very hot day
I remember that my dad was not well in
I remember that morning him telling me that I must not worry because my grandparents will look after me
I remember him saying I must not cry a lot when he is gone

I remember my transport to school waiting for me while he carried on talking so I had to cut him off, tell him ‘I LOVE YOU, BYE’, not realizing he won’t be with me anymore
I remember going to school and my classes constantly thinking about what my dad had told me that morning

I remember that period after break, that period was Maths, and they called my name on the intercom to come to the office with my schoolbag
I remember arriving at the office to find my uncle with tears in his eyes

On the way home I kept asking him, ‘Why are you taking me home?’ but he didn’t answer
I remember feeling a bit weird
I remember that when I we got home I went in screaming, ‘Dad how are you feeling?’
I remember that when I asked that question everyone in the house just started screaming and crying
When I asked, ‘Where is Dad?’ they all pointed to his bed
Then I went to the bed
I remember seeing my father laying on the bed with his eyes closed
I remember crying and calling out, ‘Daddy!’ one way
I just kept on crying
I remember my family telling me that my father is not here anymore, he has gone to heaven
I remember being rude to my family because of what they were telling me
I remember saying they were talking pure nonsense because my father was just sleeping and they were giving themselves bad luck