I remember Pokemon Tazos, when a packet of chips held more value than the crunch of potatoes.
I remember full nights of sleep, when the next day was more than enough to look forward to.
I remember that first uniform, when playing was more important than learning.
I remember tying my first tie, the first bow in the knot representing all the responsibility that was to follow.
I remember my first heart break, my first smile lost, my first real glimpse into what being alive meant.
I remember my first tears, my first loss, my first thoughts of letting go when my heart ached.
I remember my last tear, that last drop.
I remember that feeling of giving up, thinking nothing was enough to live for.
I remember picking myself up, dusty as I was, the walk for me was far from being over.
I remember the knowledge of forgiveness, when the pain of anger felt better when let go.
I remember meeting myself for the first time, a simple introduction, a storyline without limits.
I remember falling in love with myself.
I remember this moment, because I will forever be the best version of myself.