I remember the day granny told me and my sister we were going to South Africa.
I remember the neighbours telling my granny that going to South Africa was a journey of no return, as most people returned in coffins.
I remember holding onto my ancient bed, afraid of leaving the only home I knew and going to the land of the unknown.
I remember them giving me juice and falling asleep – I believe there was a sleeping tablet in the juice as it tasted bitter.
I remember by the time I woke up I was already in the bus and so scared as I had heard stories that South Africa was dangerous. I cried myself to sleep over and over again.
I remember that we had to hide under the bus seats so that the policeman did not find us as we did not have passports. I was traumatised as I heard his footsteps and saw his shining torch light. Fear struck me as I thought, if they caught us, they would hang us to death or cut off our heads.
I remember once we passed the border how beautiful South Africa looked. I lost all the fear and I was filled with joy.