I remember being married to Chris Brown and going to hospital in tears after the ring got stuck on my finger.
I remember losing my grandfather and reading his obituary with voices humming in the background.
I remember breaking the 100m record, and being invited to sports day later to find out it remains unbroken.
I remember throwing a pen into the blades of a moving fan in class.
I remember choir practices on Saturdays where I’d hide my D900 in a song book and be on Mxit during vocal warm-ups.
I remember being excited whenever our brother school would come to swim in our pool during break time.
I remember being late for my Grade 7 dance and walking in when everyone had already been seated, I now know I was fashionably late.
I remember going to a different school than that of my friends, but we were united after two months because boarding school is not for the faint-hearted.
I remember my mother running over one of Japanzie’s pups and calling in sick for work because she felt really bad.
I remember asking my mother if I was adopted and her response was: ‘Angikahle isicefe’.
I remember not doing my arts and culture homework and being sent to the dungeon, only to find that half of the class was already there.
I remember that was the day I lost the ‘teacher’s pet’ title.