How your smile usually turned into laughter
Not once did I ever hear you say you are not okay
How you preferred my cooking even though
I don’t consider myself one of the best cooks

How you were addicted to watching and listening to the news,
One would swear you would get paid for it.
What did I expect from a history educator?
How you would effortlessly tell jokes
That would crack me up like crazy.
I did get the sense of humour from you, didn’t I?

How you were loved by many, you were very
Considerate and accommodating.
There was never a dull moment with you
Listening to all the stories, seems there was one
That was relevant to every situation,
You never ran out and you would tell them like
You were there when the events happened.

How I enjoyed the stories and sometimes
I would intentionally ask a very simple question
That would lead into a long conversation
Because anyone who knew you well enough
Would agree with me when I say you were born a storyteller

The good things people would say about you
When they learned how I’m related to you,
Your learners or a random community member
That you probably helped somewhere some day

How selfless you were, the little you had, was for sharing
With those deserving and undeserving,
You always saw the best in people so even when they wronged you,
You would give them the benefit of the doubt.

How you would call just to say hi and I would end up doing all the talking,
Just as you realise you are running out of air,
You would ask me to top you up with airtime. Classic

Your favorite couch, your sitting position and
Once you are settled I would know you would be calling me
To make you a cup of tea, how I long for that now.

I’d ask you to clean “Ndou park” because I would be expecting visitors
Later that day or weekend. With no hassles, my wish would be granted
How Father’s Day and your birthday meant something different to me then
And now I feel strange when these days come by

How you would cover for me when I was in trouble…
You and I had each other’s backs, no doubt.
How I didn’t realise how strong our bond was until you were gone

How you worried about me more than you worried about yourself and vice versa
How you would always encourage me not to give up
When I would ask for advice on matters.
How you practised what you preached, you persevered,
And I admired your strength and resilience. It still amazes me even today

How you were that one person who would eventually convince me
To do something I initially didn’t want to do,
There was something about how you addressed issues.
How you were just the best dad…

I wasn’t spoilt rotten with tangible gifts.
You provided love, time, security and just made sure the house
Turned into a warm environment
I may not have had all I wanted, but my needs were definitely taken care of.
How you were just a present father, all I needed

I remember all these things and a whole lot more and not a day goes by
That I do not wish you were here or miss you. I love you forever and always daddy.