I only praise in dark days
During a period when I have
No meat and less maize
When I no indulge myself with ice cream
Mixed with chocolate and grapes
When I dare take out that holy
Bible locked somewhere with old
Clothes in my old suit case

When each and every morning
I wake up with wet face
Yesterday’s tear soaked up in
My pillow case.

I only praise in dark days
Not for solutions but for better days
I start to embrace God’s grace
during dark days
When I lack a smile on my face
And things seem to be moving
On the slow pace.

When each and every hour
Feels like a minute
When death knocks on my
Senses just to make me feel it
When it’s easy to swallow
Pride than the food I eat
When the food I eat has turned
Into my enemy and choke me
Up till I spit it
Till I lose the energy to
Stand on my bare foot
Tears on my face frustrated
When I feel like everything has
Changed because I’ve been
Isolated, left stranded.

When I no longer put my hands
Up with the crowd and jam
Along to the deejay’s song
When I alone jam to gospel songs,
Put my hands up only when I
Pray for God to make me strong
I only pray in dark days
Wen I no longer have a smile on my face
Start to embrace God’s grace
And an hour feels like a minute
Death knock on my senses GOD I can feel it…
As this come I try my suit
On to see if it still fit.

When I have no one but me and God
Rust on the crown I used to wear
With pride and claim it was made of gold.
When I feel like I am worth nothing
I know God will welcome me with warm
Open arms and tell me “Son I only create
People and thing that are worth something”
I only praise in dark days
When I start to realise nothing is
Ever possible without God’s grace.

The souls that died fighting for us to be equal
But without God their tears would
Have been buried long with them in their funeral.
I only praise in dark …
Learn from my mistakes and create your life in a better …