“If the love is real, it shall find a way”
But when will love find
Its way into my life.
I can’t remember when
Was the last time that

I was in love or loved.
I miss the little things
That comes along with LOVE.
1 Calls that take up hours
2 Forever smiling
3 Butterflies that are felt
4 Always thinking about you
5 Thinking about our future
6 When my goals and visions are supported
7 Knowing that someone believes in me
8 When you bring out the best in me
9 Always looking forward to our conversations
10 And lastly, for loving me wholeheartedly
Some people say that love doesn’t last.

I totally disagree because
If it’s meant to be, it shall find a way.
But remember, Love Yourself First.
Nothing is more beautiful than
Someone who loves and respects
Till next time
With Love,