It gets lonely sometimes
And I’m all alone in this foreign home
Scribbling these rhymes
With cold frosted hands struggling to clasp the pen
I write of a deep longing for home

Home is far
Beyond ancient mountains that have stood the test of time
Across deserted fields where unknown men have walked in an unknown era

Home is far
In a land obscured by infinity
Where the heart is
Where eyes cannot reach

Where the love of a mother is
Where the bellowing laughter of my father is
Inside a tiny candle-lit shack
Where a family is huddled together for warmth
Watching unclear visions from a black-and-white battery-powered telly
That`s where my heart is, that’s where I long to be

Sometimes when it’s lonely and quite
When serenity has overpowered the hubbub of the city
When the roaring of machines is temporarily hushed
When the chaotic din of industrial strikers is gone
The tempo of my heart normal
I miss home.