I’m struggling to concentrate,
as if hypnotised.
My mind is captured in a love cell.
It’s been arrested,
put behind bars,
for committing absenteeism in reality.
My heart is jailed,
sentenced to doing 100% of time in love for you.

You and me –
a match made in heaven.
Adam and Eve,
Romeo, the Montague, and the lovely Capulet, Juliet.
Spiderman and Mary-Jane;
Ugugu no Andile.
The next one is easy…
Me and You!

My heart is depressed in sorrow.
I won’t need a cardiologist –
Your love is my cure.
My heart will be eased if you could answer:
‘The feeling is mutual’.

But this false fact fools me fully.
As really I can’t lose you:
I never ‘had’ you.
I’m dead serious –
It’s a heart attack.
Guess I’m forced to withdraw my statement of ‘true feeling’.
So, be my cardiologist – make it official,
This ‘love’ killer disease.

But, you have to know this:
We were meant to be – by fate.
You are my mate,
my soulmate.
You are ambushed,
kept in exile
in my heart, by my eyes.

I won’t fear to hold you near.
Sweet words you will hear.
Take these from the bottom of my heart
to yours:
I love you!