You said you were in love with me
You know fully that I’m afraid of being loved
Think you not that this is unfair?
Think you not that we both deserve better?
You’ve been around for some time,
And taking a look at your part I realise
You’ve said these words once too many times to different other girls
Telling them, “It’ll be now and forever.”
You ought to never say forever if you don’t mean it.

I on the other side am new to all this
I never asked for this to happen
I never thought I’d finally have to face up to my fear
I do suppose I’ve got “lovephobia”, if that’s possible.

Would I be stupid to ask what happened to the love you had for them all?
Would I be stupid to say, “It’s not LOVE , but LUST”?
Would I be stupid to ask what will happen to me when you find another?

As much as I’d love to say I love you too, I can’t. . .