First I want to welcome you to the world little angel
Looking into your eyes I can see indeed you’re an angel
Your smile knows no cruelty yet
Your eyes tell a beautiful tale
Beauty of a child
Who knows nothing about life?
How I wish you could stay sweet
Those sweet stares with those small eyes
Your smile when you hear my voice takes me miles away
I appreciate your everyday

When you smile at me without even looking at you
Squeeze my finger with your little hand
Even when you burp in my ear then laugh at me as if you know it’s rude
I look into your eyes and tell you I love you little niece
When looking into your eyes
How I wish
You never grow up
Never face life
Never fall in love only to be broken hearted again
How I wish the world will never see your beauty

I wish when you cry
It will only be for a short time
That you will cry only to smile in a short while
How I wish I will always be there to wipe your tears
How I wish to always be there to make you laugh like I do now
I just wish you know or feel no pain
I wish you fear no thunder no rain
I wish you never have to choose between life and death
I wish you never chose between being or with a heterosexual and homosexual
I wish you never starve when I am alive
For all the wishes I have for you
I know with love you will grow
From a baby, to a toddler, to a child, to a teen and into a woman
You won’t want my protection anymore

I fear you will no longer trust me
Or talk to me as often
You will want to be independent so bad that it will be hard
Seeing you make wrong choices
But I will learn to let you make mistakes
That is how we learn
But I will teach you how to be strong
I looked into your eyes
I love you Alwaba
That comes from the bottom of my heart
As I look into your eyes