I sure think you don’t think I mean it when I say I love you
I know it’s hard to believe, but please let me
you know, your name is tattooed on my heart
no girl captured me like that
your smile could make walk a mile, without wanting a single dime
your voice catches my attention despite all the noise
your beauty, girl your poise, it’s sexy, I’m sure you know it
you’re beautiful & I can never have another girl compared to you
the things you say make you even sexier, not to mention the things you do
your smile is like a million blues
& I guarantee you, you make them other girls loose
time after time & still I choose you
I wanna play you some Teddy Pendergrass & love you with some Brent Faiyaz.
Even though my insecurities hit, I still look at your pictures & think “damn I don’t wanna lose you”
I got friends that talk about you
you know bad stuff & all that…but I honestly don’t care, but love you !
they say “heartbreak shall be no more”
but I feel it every time I think of the day I’m gonna lose you
I wanna try & be corny , but I think I might bore you.
dude I love you!