I love you so much, myself
I do not know what I would become without myself
My love for myself grows each and every day
It grows like a flower
I love you and I know for sure you love me too
I do not need to guess your love
I know for sure you love me too
You are always next to me
When I need you, you are here
in the days of trouble, you’re always here
When friends are nowhere to be found, you’re here
In the sleepless night, we share the same pain
Even when I die you will be next to me
and I will be next to you
We are meant to be together forever
You so close to me and I am closer to you
I’ve never felt your absence
you’re always here with me
You know me for who I am,
and I know you for who you are
I am surely blessed to be
loved by you and to love you
Now I can love others and not hurt them
because I’ve learnt to love you
I am blessed to be with you
and recognise your presence in my life
You are my lover for life
and you and I will never separate
You’re always there giving me warmth
The lover who never leaves nor forsakes me
I love myself, my other half