As I looked at myself in the mirror
I realised that something was missing
I searched my pockets
I searched my bedroom
But I found nothing
I’d lost something

I kept looking at myself
I am dark skinned
Who likes a dark-skinned girl?
I have pimples
Who likes a girl with pimples?
No! I have to find it
Haven’t you seen my confidence?

I remember I had it
within me
back then when
my skin had no pimples
when I wasn’t so dark
because of dark marks

“Oh this is scary”
I said, as I placed my hand
on my chest …
There is something else

There is something else
I don’t feel
my heartbeat
Oh no!
I’m so clumsy
I think I lost my heart

I remember giving it
to him whom I trusted
to stay by my side
but he was also careless

I’m so sad
I now know
that I’ve lost something
Haven’t you seen my heart?

I really feel like crying
I lost the most
important parts of my life
Please if ever you find them
I’d be pleased to have them back