I want to make it known that
I love with no hesitation
I love with no regret if I
Were fearless I would not
Tremble in your presence
Let it be known that I love
With no boundaries.

I love with no limits
If I were so tough wouldn’t
I be able to speak my mind and
Just let you in my world.
Let you know what I know and
Let you feel what I feel.

Distance may be an issue but could
It be an obstacle? Could you wake
Up one day and decide you donโ€™t
Wanna wait anymore? I wouldn’t
Dream of a world where you don’t

I hope in your world I
Am more than a pretty face
More than someone you pass
Time with, I hope
I am more than a body you hug
When you are lonely.

To me we are more than lovers
We are more than just
Two people who are together
We are tied by hearts
And bound by love.

I only love with hope that
You will see me beyond these
Scars and maybe find what you
Have been looking for.
In any case, love me with
All my imperfections.

I still love with no
Hesitations, I love with no
Regrets I am whatever you
Want me to be but before
That I am me.

I am the girl that you used to
Cherish, the girl whom you
Promised eternity. The same girl
Who has always been your rock