I like to see upon a dark cloud,
The stars that I scatter,
Gives out light of prosper,
I like to see those abandoned bundles,
Becoming humankind humans like before,
I like to see those birth-born-babies
Growing up with that attitude,
That says “tomorrow is ours”

I am the end of the last end,
But at my end is always where I begin.
I like to see my abandoned world,
Being a better place for all
I like to see my products widen,
I like to see those who challenge the word “prosper”
The world is on my fingertips,
Where I lay my representatives

Have you ever seen those doctors whom your life is their daily activity?
Those teachers whom ‘knowledge’ is their middle name?
The technicians that keep the world shining and improving from time to time
Now in my fantasy you choose your path,
I assure to reach you there,
And I am proud to shout and call myself…