I know you will leave,

Gazing at your back won’t be as nice
As the back scrub;

My heart will break into million
pieces that my pain wouldn’t count,

But my pain will count,
So will my tears;

With all the pieces of my fractured heart
I will pursue you;

Though I know you will be out
Of my reach,
I will walk the distance;

I will drink the taste of my tears
Assume it’s my sweat for there’ll
Be no difference,
Like my heart they will be bitter;

I will fight with the wrongs
I didn’t do till my fist bleed,
Hoping that you will lick my wounds
With your honey-tongued vocals,
But your silence will cut me deeper than
I already will be;

You will clear my name off your heart
Like the waves erasing scribblings on
The sand at the shore;

It’s just a matter of time
Before the affection of our hearts
Dissolves in hot water like sugar;

This chemistry will not make sense anymore;

You will leave and never come back,
When the door behind you bangs,
This building will come crumbling down
For one pillar cannot hold it still.