I am the strength of my own greatness
I know who I am and what I’m not
I love my inner God
I am the next gen modern human being
I rise when I fall
I believe in love more than anything
Internal love is real
External love can be surreal
Modern thoughts are filled in my mind

Obviously doubts creep in
But my conscience ascends
I ain’t perfect
I’m just a human being
Unique just like you

When the end comes
I must’ve achieved what my heart desires
I will take everything
To the next life
I won’t fear anything because
Lord will help me

The evil inside tries to blind and deceive
But I’m smarter than that
The devil will never get my soul
Because my soul belongs to God

The world has been kind
And unkind
To me
Personality has changed in different eras of my life

My beliefs and morals collided
My sanity demoralised
Yeah the universe has plans

As I write this I am awake
It’s late and raining outside
Plus I can’t sleep

Past, present and future
From the beginning to the end,
Whether famous or unknown,
Rich or poor
My name will always be
Muavha Kenridge Vhuthuhawe.
I, I and I