Although I don’t want to, I have to!
I have to go back to a place I used to know as myself.
I have been dragged so far away from that place
No wonder I feel lost most of the time
because I am indeed lost in world where the likes of me are deemed for doom
I tried to my utmost to gain space in a short time
I tried to fit in regions where shades ruled and judgement was passed
to execute the ones with remnants of colour.
So, like a corpse I am starting to turn into stiff clay,
I hope the cops don’t catch me,
walking dead in the streets where only life belong
Cause I am trying to make my way back to a place I always knew as
Although I really don’t want to go back,
Hurry back there!
To remove the paste of lies I used to hide
depressions that went deep as the bottom of a well
these cracks found a home in the walls trying to peek for life outside,
It’s no mystery I feel dry most of the time
lacking matter; there’s a void living in me
I have now become a wandering fellow following fear
into a place where light fails to reach.