I shared my feelings with you
Hoping we could bond and grow strong together
I made vows to love and cherish you
For as long as the days of our lives
But pains that you caused my heart
Changed how I felt for you
You took the most precious thing to ever happen to me
β€œSomeone to love”
Emotionally controlled
So that I even forgot who I was anymore
Who I was before you
I changed to this kind of person
Who hides how he feels
So emotionless that I could hurt
The heart of those who care for me

They say sharing is caring,
But to me now sharing means allowing someone
To open a playground in your heart
While you hope for the best
I thought we were walking the same valley
Sharing the same feeling
To my surprise you showed me
The other side of you
That I had never known before
Cheating while I thought you were the only one for me
Lying while you know I fully put my trust in you

Sometimes I wonder where it all started
But as I think more about you
I feel so ashamed that I had feelings for you
I am reminded of the past
That I was forced by you to bury
The hurts that were caused by you intentionally
While I was blinded by your words of love
You have cursed my emotions,
Betrayed my trust and Tortured my unconditional love
All because I have shared my feelings with you