The love of my life is gone,
All those sensational moments we spent together,
The time and feelings that we shared are all gone,
I thought we were going to be separated by death,
But we are separated by the jealousness of our enemies,
They are not enemies as such but
They are people who don’t want to see us together,
I can’t put the blame on you because I was also blinded by our love,
So I couldn’t pay attention to what they were up to

Now that I have lost you,
I can’t help myself but miss you,
Missing your kisses
Missing those hugs I got when we met,
Missing those hard times we faced together,
I just miss the whole you.

My life without you ain’t the same any more,
My life without you is incomplete,
Why did I lose you?
What have I done for you to be taken from me?
If only I could get one chance I could do things right,

I won’t deny the fact that I have lost you but
The actual fact is that I am coming to find you
So that I can be myself again,
I won’t stop the search till I find,
So please give a clue or show a sign
Which will lead me to finding you,
I am coming for what’s mine,
I am coming for our love,
You were lost now I have found you.