My home is my peace,
This is where my life, my heart is centered,
I value myself for greatness,
What I know I know,
What I do not know does not bother me,
All I need to know has already been revealed to me.

I live a purposeful life,
I try to fulfil my every goal each day,
If I fail it means I have not yet reached my destination,
I am not bothered because I am home,
There is always a next day to fulfil those goals,

The manner of how I live my life does not revolve
Around ideas or opinions that people have about me,
I value myself so much that I am happy with my own inner peace,
I do not let guilt poison my happiness,
I do not let troubles or challenges stop me from moving forward,
I do not have time to dwell on the past
I live in the present and focus on the future.

Life has ups and downs that is why I have accepted every situation,
I have things to learn so I do not isolate myself to those mysteries,
I live like sea waters,
I am powerful without the rains that pamper me,
I know I am special and unique because
I am where I needed to be home,
Every wave tells a story of my life,
Each day I am getting stronger and closer to the promising land.