For the times I hurt you
For the times I lied to you
And for every other reason you’re angry with me
I know my apologies don’t mean anything to you
The least I can do is to vow
To be the better man in the future
But only if there’s a future

Baby, I broke your heart, I know
And you are doubting me for sure
But if you say goodbye
I can’t help think that without you
I will die
But I hate to be the reason that you cry
The drops of your tears
Open wounds as they touch the earth

I wish I could reverse time
And make your tears dry
And remove all the pain
Baby, I’m sorry I lied

I want you to stay
Please don’t go away
I know I can’t restart the smile in your face
Because right now I’m the one you hate
Baby loving you is not wrong
Because our love it is so strong
In my heart is where you belong

Baby, you are the one I need in my life
Your love will feed my heart
If we can reconnect
I can fix your broken heart

You came to me
Like the dawn through the night
Just shining like the sun
Out of my dreams and into my life

My life has just begun
It is a pity that I have ruined that
I may try to deny but my mouth states the fact
I wish you could come back
Cause if I ever lost you
I don’t know how much I would cry
Thanks to a broken heart