I hate substance abuse, you destroy human beings
My heart is nearly torn a million times
This is the time for you to stop attracting me
I’m not obsessed to your wrong doings
I hate substance abuse
I don’t take pride in what you’re doing
I hate you substance abuse
You obscure my view through success
I do not like you and your drinks
Go to the ones who smoke you
Your love is in the air; you pollute
My love is in my heart
I won’t give you my heart
Stop polluting our air
I wouldn’t breathe without air
In fact I love my life, I hate your rights
I feel anxious to see you destroy our rights
Mostly you make our parents feel furiously angry
Substance family, please reject peer pressure
Reject abuse and accept our rights
Smoking you destroys my lungs
Smoking you makes me caught
It’s just the fact that I imitate pals
Your name is substance stop abusing human beings