Dusk falls
Owls cry
In the still of the night
I hear mom’s cry
The devil’s favourite song

Torturing souls
Dancing in delight
Basking in his might
Watching us bow
Before the weight of our sorrows
His laughs haunting us
At the break of dawn

The reaper appears in the morning
Singing mourning songs
Crows cry
Ravens fly
And daughters die
No one notices
Death creeping inside

A dark cloud
Sons leaving
Never coming back
Mothers in black
On top of mattresses
Candles lit
They’re grieving
Losing breath
Kids staring helplessly
At the jaws of death

The angel of gloom
Walking them to her bed
I see a grave
The casket dips
Relatives weep
The hole closes quick
I hate death

It got me catching deep breath
Thinking and fearing who might be next
My cousins
My sisters and brothers
So many people you’ve taken
I hate death