Love is precious –
you just have to be sure it’s love.
It’s passive in ways people could see
if they were really looking.
I’m glad I loved you, she said.
It’s not just love that you gave me.
Let’s not title it, it was far beyond a title.
I know you feel like I wasn’t noting
how far you went just to prove your love.
You said you had nothing to offer
but those should’ve been my words instead.
You loved like there was no tomorrow.
You loved like you’ve never been hurt.
You wrote your feelings on my heart.
You left your fears behind.
You lost a lot when you had nothing to lose.
You said there isn’t life without me.
You belonged to someone else
but you convinced yourself otherwise.
You said love is beautiful
but I failed to prove that to you.
I was supposed to love you, I broke you.
I was supposed to catch you, I moved.
I was supposed to hold you, I pushed you away.
I was supposed to be there, I wasn’t.
I was supposed to appreciate you,
I guess I took your kindness as weakness.
I saw how weak and vulnerable love made you,
I praised myself for having you run back to me multiple times.
You were enough; I just wasn’t the one for you.
I had to be good for you that’s all.