I didn’t get it at first, now I do.
I failed Grade 7, GUESS WHAT? I’m not the only one.
I lost my unborn baby, GUESS WHAT? Somebody went through it too.
I am unemployed, GUESS WHAT? There’s nothing new under the sun.

Everybody wants to complain but nobody wants the pain.
Everybody wants what it looks like but nobody prepares for life.
Everybody can say, “It’s not us, we ‘blame’ them.”
But only a few can say, “I GUESS it didn’t happen to us, but for us.”

My back is having a conversation with little rocks,
While my eyes send subliminal messages to all fallen stars,
My mind is setting goals on breaking down solutions,
And my heart opening up on new beginnings and rioting “no” to delusions.
I GUESS, now I have way too many reasons, questions and feelings.

My ears having a fresh chatter with the birds of the sky,
With a beautiful sun rising, which is the only thing that matters,
A new atmosphere has entered the scene and gravity has allowed me to fly,
GUESS WHAT? It feels like a mind-bending movie, directed by powerful leaders