I grew up in the environment of gossip-mongers.
Graduates in therapist “the rapist”
Masters in crime, tipplers.
No difference between tomorrow, today and yesterday.

It’s live for today, tomorrow will take care of itself.
The environment that buries every Saturdays
An environment that marches for minors,
block public roads with stones and burning tyres.

An environment that isn’t afraid to burn schools,
libraries and even clinics
For demand of “free condoms”
I grew up… in the environment
That kills hustlers
That swallows trust-teller.
That discourages knowledge-seekers
And encourage the high rate of teen pregnancy.
Encourage the school drops-out.
I grew up…

In the environment,
Where grannies are raising their grandchildren.
Mothers are nowhere to be found
Mothers are swimming in the poor of drugs and alcohol,
there are misusing what is “child-support grant.
I grew up in the environment of shame!!