I gave myself to you
And what did I get in return?
Sleepless nights with pillows
Drenched with my salty tears
With sheets stained by the blood
That came out of my freshly-cut
Wrist and thighs

Was my precious virginity
Not enough for you that you had to
Take my heart and soul too?

I gave you love thinking that
It was what I got in return
But you knew all along that
There was never love for me
In your heart
Lust is all your heart had for me

Your words were like sweet melodies
In my ears, they melted all the doubts
Of your love from my heart and brain

Your actions showed me true
Colours but your words erased
All of that, I knew it was foolish for
Me to fall for your words
But you said all that I wanted to hear

I gave you my all
And what did I get in return?
Empty promises filled with lies and pretence

Maybe if you were honest
From the start I wouldn’t
Have given you my all
You were never worth my love and loyalty
Well, you are not worth anything