I have been through it all and I gave it my all
I have stumbled across rocky roads
I have walked through dusty and rainy days
but I have given it all my all
I smiled even through sad days
I laughed even when things were not okay
I shed a lot of tears
But the lioness inside me did not give up
That led me to give it my all
I lost myself along the way
I lied just to get my way
I did that almost every day
But at the end it turned out in a bad way
And only I was to be blamed
I did not know who I am anymore
I did not have any care left in me
But the lioness in me woke up
It gave me a purpose
A purpose to stand up and try again
And when I stood up I gave it my all
I found myself again
I gave it my all
I came back stronger and wiser
With a purpose and more experience
And that kept me going through it all