Fear stole my voice,
My Locutions were found dead.
King What-if sent these thieves
And Miss Procrastination opened the door.
All I have left is an imaginary image of what should be, could’ve been and should’ve been.

I chose to maintain a professional demeanour,
But I knew I couldn’t keep up with the pretence that I had to voice out my heart.
Turned up the radio to drown out the sound of the thought.
My heart shouts louder and louder.
The ingression of fear breeds, yet I called zilch
Merely infertile decadence

In my boon companion I see my consort.
I yearn to be on the other side:
To see what she sees in me,
To feel what she feels for me,
To measure the hectares of my habitat in her world,
To view her plan for tomorrow,
To eavesdrop on the conversations she has with her heart,
But again reality has denied me that chance.

Who will calm my angry heart?
For I have delayed the message I was sent to deliver.
“I feared losing what we had,” as I explained to my heart.
This, I found to have angered my heart even more
Louder and louder as it demands action
“I need proof,”
As I questioned the authenticity of this message.
I delayed the message,
I lost my voice.

What if telling you would push you away from me
What if at your gaze I only deliver an insult
What if this is just a hoax
What if, what if, what if….
As I call on my brother what-if,
He comforts me.
He will represent me in court
For I’m not the criminal
Fear stole my voice.

Should I listen to the voice that keeps whispering, do it?
Or believe in the thought that my heart might just be right.
For a second, I will try to forget the incident.
Fear stole my voice.