What do I really know about freedom
When I’ve lived in a box my entire life
When I’m afraid to speak up about things I don’t like
When I’m beaten, raped
And all I can do is take it
Because there is no justice in Azania
Criminals are running the country in Azania

What do black people really know about freedom?
When they fight each other for jobs
Kill each other for inheritances
Turn against each other
All in the name of appealing to the white master
“Choose me baas, I’m the better, clever black”

Can we claim to know freedom
When we live in fear
And we don’t know which day
We’re gonna be killed for being black?
Can we truly claim freedom
When they kill more and more of us
And our only action is to tweet?

I always hear about freedom
They say freedom is life
They say freedom is choice
But I don’t know much about freedom
For I am afraid to be myself
Being myself might get me killed
Being myself might get me raped

So if I am restricted and limited to living
To wearing what I want
To being who I am
How can I claim to know freedom?