Because I still love you
I can’t look at you,
Because it hurts so
We don’t talk,
Because there is nothing left to say
You apologised

But I just walked away
I’m leaving you and the
Thought of you behind
Because I just need to clear my mind
I’m angered because you
Wasted my time

Hurt because I believed
That you were mine,
But I just didn’t see the signs
I guess that is why they say
Love is blind,
Because you got my heart
Caught in binds

Thought you were different
But you are all the same
Thought this was real,
But it was all a game
I gave you my love
And you gave it away

That is why my heart is blue
And my skies are grey
Will I ever see the light again?
Will this dark cloud ever go away?
Or will it follow me for my remaining days?
Grasp all my joy and strip it away?
No! I am too old
Way too bold to be stuck in the cold
I am way too strong not to carry on
I don’t hate you but it’s over