In my heart, there were one
Although you thought they were none,
As you saw me doing just fine,
Even after you committed a crime.
In my heart, you were the only one,
But in yours, I wasn’t the one,
Heard we were two or three,
In the heart of thee.
In this love game,
You even forgot my name,
And now you want to shift the blame,
To everyone who played the game.
When we played cards,
I’d use my own heart,
Unaware that I’m gambling with my heart,
Now it’s all torn apart.

I built our love a love nest,
You used that nest as a football net,
In the nest, you were father and I was mother bird.
In the football, I was an opponent and you were the goalkeeper.
You kept blocking my love from sinking into you deeper.
I saw Romeo and Juliet,
You saw FIFA,
I thought we were in love,
You thought we were playing.
I guess in that love game,
No one is to blame,
Since I played the fool,
While you acted all cool.
I hope you’re two or three,
Will come and pick up,
Where we left, because I’m gone