No one to blame, they told me not to,
But I followed my heart
And had to bring my mind along.
I’m in trouble because I didn’t listen.
I made a fool of myself,
I destroyed my own future.
I was told to let it go, but I followed my heart.
I have fallen in the deepest dark hole,
Who to blame??
I played a game without knowing the rules.
They didn’t tell me, me, I didn’t listen.
I wanted to be on top of the mountain,
But look at me now, I’m down,
It seems like I never tried to claim it.
I guess it’s true no one loves me
More than my mom,
Sorry, mom, I did it, I’m sorry.
I use to tell myself that I followed my heart
But it seems not, I followed my friend’s heart,
Dreams I guess.
She knew how to play the game,
I was losing but never realised that.
I did it, I destroyed it,
It’s never too late but for me it is too late.
Age killed it worse, I’m the destroyer of my future.
Your future is your egg, so be careful with it.
Put yourself first and friends last.
Live your life not because I say live, just be you.
The future is in your hands,
You can break it or build it, your choice.
I did it, I killed my dreams,
I destroyed me.
Yes, I did it.