See the way I am feeling right now I cannot describe.
There is this heat
Coming from deep down inside whilst I am cold outside.
You know, winter reactions plus you makes a great combination.
It feels like I can’t keep away from your touch.
Like without you covering me it’s a death sentence.
I really can’t let go of you,
not when you make my blood run marathons in my body.
You make me full though I am hungry,
make me warm while the storm plays its music,
you make me feel special though I’ve got nothing.
I really can’t let you go.
Your appearance is like an angel sent from above,
your smile is the best clothing you cover your face with.
I just can’t let go of you.
No, I’d rather have you captive.
I really don’t mind as long as I am with you,
because I can’t let you go.