Hey babe, do you know me?
We are classmates
I don’t know if you know that I exist
But I’ve had my eye on you
And sadly I’m not the one your eyes bleed for
I just want you to know…
I love how you make my heart feel
How you bring me peace and stop me from frowning
Your voice is my music
Laughter is like rain putting me to sleep
I know I can’t have you
But I want you so bad

Please say hi sometime
A word sometime or even a smile
I want to bring you joy
As long as you live
Your eyes are like a view
They get me thinking and relaxed
Take me to a place of refuge
Need I say you are so special?
Your kind will never be found
Recognise me and let me cheer you up like you do to me
I know I can’t have you but I want you so bad